Taking my cue from Nina: "All Good" [album review]

Yes, you got it right. I am “reviewing” an album! Yay! It’s in quotation marks because these are merely my thoughts on how I find albums and CDs that I come across from now on. Nothing strict or stuffy, just an ordinary music lover’s take on what’s playing on our radio stations (or streaming on sites) now.

I am very happy that the first CD to be featured here contains mostly original songs with a few well-chosen covers. The Philippines’ “Diamond Soul Siren”, Nina recently launched a brand new album entitled All Good under Viva Records, her first under the recording company. It gives me hope whenever OPM artists release an album with original lyrics and melodies. Do you agree?

I was ready with a pen and paper to give my thoughts on each track upon hearing it immediately. The first song – Maybe It’s Too Soon, reminds me so much of “Someday” (and I’m singing in my head “…someone’s gonna love me”). Thus, it has also reminded me of a funny bus ride a few years back. Hahaha!! The sound is classic Nina (I think you’ll get what I mean) and I love this particular line –

I love the way your eyes crinkle when you smile

The next track is the album’s carrier single, Sa Isang Tingin written by MJ Magno of XLR8. It’s a love song that’s very sing-able – and that’s what Pinoys love: to sing along while it’s playing on the radio even if you’re riding a bus, a jeep, or wherever. Track #3 is a perfect cover of Perfect. I love how it’s so relaxing and I really liked the piano and percussions on this one. And then it goes really melancholic with Kung Walang Ikaw, Walang Ako. The next track is this album’s title “All Good.” It has a mellow pop sound, but I think it can also pass as a Christian song. The guitar solo on the bridge is amazing!
The next songs are classic Nina ballads-
   Make It Up to You almost made me cry. Seriously. The next track is literally Sad, followed by a Tagalog ballad entitled Paano. 

When the Love is Gone featured some amazing piano tunes. Then her cover of Hurting Inside follows, which I think is sure to be a chart-topper. The last song is Pinili Kong Limutin Ka and the bonus track is Don’t Say Goodbye from the movie A Secret Affair. 
I think it’s high time to hear Nina sing originals again, with her signature sweet and soulful voice. I love that she wasn’t trying too hard to belt it out on this album, and her repertoire reminded me of why she’s the Diamond Soul Siren of the Philippines. 
All Good is available at all record stores nationwide. Also, check out these sites to get updates on Nina –
Twitter: @vivavicor

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