Everyday Notes from the Videoke Queen

If you follow me on Twitter (@thevideokequeen), you’ll notice that I post a Paper.Li link religiously around 6pm of every day about the latest tweets, links, photos and videos from our favorite OPM artists. Paper.Li is a site that allows one to curate tweets based on certain topics and Twitter accounts and presents this in a newspaper format. 

Several months ago, I thought of compiling a list of Pinoy artists and sites and putting them altogether, thus, Notes from the Videoke Queen is born.  

Here’s how it looks like once “published” –

And here’s Rivermaya’s response to it yesterday – 

I don’t really check it everyday but I notice that artist/s (that’s Rivermaya!!!) are starting to notice it and thank me for it. Yay! It’s really a good source of OPM news, what they’re up to and what they’ve been posting and sharing on Twitter. Yesterday’s edition led me to 2 interesting articles on The Oktaves (Ely Buendia+Hilera) and Rice Radio’s feature on Parokya ni Edgar. Do check it out  Paper.Li’s GENIUS!!

Follow me on Twitter to get these updates and more (randomness from yours truly) – @thevideokequeen. Thanks!!


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