Album Review: Laging Lasing by The Borrachos

This post has been several months in the making. It has been quite difficult for me to write again, and an OPM album review at that, after taking a break. I hope this is not yet too late. First, I want to say thank you to (mommy) Pola Garcia and to Ronn of The Borrrachos for trusting me with a copy of their album and letting me share my thoughts about it. I have so much respect for artists, for those who have the courage to express themselves and create music. By coming up with this album, you are already giving something out there that is definitely worth appreciating.

Now to the subject proper- The Borrachos is composed of Raffie Miranda, Ronn Sana and Paul Puti-an, all of which are also members of ska/reggae group Coffee Break Island (CBI). According to Ronn, The Borrachos was formed for those songs that didn’t sound like CBI and had a flavour of their own. When I heard this story, I thought, these guys are prolific! Kayo na ang nanganak pa ng isa pang banda. Ang galing! Their first album, Laging Lasing, is packaged wonderfully and consistently with their band’s name as the CD’s sleeve is placed inside a brown paper bag, in the same way a bottle of liquor is usually wrapped in, where else, a brown paper bag. I just realised, in Bicol (where I am staying at the moment) buratsero means “lasinggero”. Aha! That was random.

2015/01/img_0422.jpgAnyway, the album contains four (4) tracks in Filipino, and five (5) tracks in English. I love the over-all mood that the album evokes when you listen to it, the lyrics are very apt to the melodies. I enjoyed the guitar solos and the various instruments used for every song, which truly highlighted The Borrachos’ musicality. The album’s first (and last) song, Laging Lasing, is a heartbreaker. Kapag pinakinggan mo yung kantang ‘to, saktong desperado eh– may controlled angst yung vocals ni Paul dito. I love the guitar solo here! Version 2 used a piano, instead of a guitar, and it’s more melodic. Song number 2 is Palamig Painit– a Western-sounding track that will bring you to a pub with swinging doors, cowboy hats and pointed boots. It’s a pretty cool track. Patungo sa Kawalan is one of my favourites. It’s a folksy, blues-y song that has socially relevant lyrics plus a harmonica accompaniment on some parts which I absolutely loved. This Song Won’t Last Long is about taking chances but, then again, ends tragically because it “won’t last long”. It has a very easy melody, and I enjoyed the bridge on this one. A very mellow and slow song, Lonely for Awhile, is such an apt title to its melody, and is a little bit pop-sounding to me.

Of course, dahil Laging Lasing nga daw, the album is filled with more love songs that will cause you to, well, drink more. Broken Down Merry-Go Round is another really sad song and the melody indeed makes you feel that you are lost in circles. I found this song sounding a bit similar to Lonely for Awhile but this time, accompanied with a harmonica. I am amazed at how these songs truly evoke the emotions that the songwriter wanted you to feel. Another favourite is Crazy – the chords are so beautiful and influenced by country music. I think, however, that they could do away with the harmonica on this one. Moonchild has an unusual intro which you can find in any Antonio Banderas movie soundtrack. Hahahaha! This song is very distinct and has a high recall. It reminds me of one song by Train, which I can’t seem to remember the title. Uuuugh! The guitar solo on this song is pretty solid. Lastly, Parang Himala‘s percussions is the one that stood out for me. I love the verses, and saktong sundot lang yung harmonica dito. 

Overall, I enjoyed listening to Laging Lasing even though these songs will not normally be in my everyday playlist. For a simple music consumer like me, getting to listen to an OPM album like this is a big deal. A huge thank you and congratulations to The Borrachos for coming up with a well-thought CD.

You can follow The Borrachos on Facebook for updates on their gigs where you can grab a copy of this album. You can also message them there if you want to buy their CD.

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