Hi! I’m Edan. I love singing, hence my blog title. I love great music, good food and a nice book. I have a blogspot account of the same title, and keep both at the moment. I had the painful lesson of losing all my posts (as in everything) from my original, self-hosted blog thevideokequeen.com when it was hacked early 2013. There were some precious accounts there of memorable concerts and events I have attended that are now gone into oblivion. It’s painful to lose those memories, but I have resolved that I might as well create new and better ones. Right?

I have a Paper.Li account entitled Notes from the Videoke Queen, where you can find posts (curated from Twitter) of artists, producers, and recording companies about gigs, events and music updates. It’s mostly from Filipino artists so if you love OPM (original Pinoy music) then it’s a good resource to check updates from them.

You can follow me on Twitter – @thevideokequeen or like my Facebook page 🙂 – The Videoke Queen.

Feel free to get in touch with me and share amazing stuff on music or whatever. Ciao!

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